Nutmeg Portuguese Water Dog Club

President: Terri Pecora

Board Members:

Vice President: Jane Freeman

Jane Harding
Francine Brown
Mary Knoll
Melinda Harvey
Stephanie Staszak

Secretary: Ylisa Kunze

Treasurer: Cheryl Rutz


For membership renewals, checks may be submitted by mail to the Membership Chairman or you can choose to use the PayPal option below

For those not currently members that are interested in membership in Nutmeg Portuguese Water Dog Club, the following is a brief explanation of the application process.

The applicant for membership completes the 2 page Membership Application Form and sends it together with a check for initial dues to our Treasurer - as named on the form. Or, you may complete the application form and pay online by selecting the applicable membership fee below. The application must include the names of two Nutmeg members who have agreed to sponsor the applicant.  If the form is submitted without the names of two sponsors, the application is not complete and will be returned to the applicant.  Prospective applicants should plan to attend one or more Nutmeg functions to meet and get to know Nutmeg members who would agree to be their sponsors. 

Member Renewal/Application

Excerpt from the Nutmeg By-Laws: The applicant’s name(s) and address together with the sponsors’ names shall be listed in the meeting notice for the first meeting immediately after receipt of the completed application, applicable dues and initiation fee.  The applicant’s name(s) and the sponsors’ recommendations shall be read at that meeting. The applicants’ name(s) shall be included in the notice for the next meeting with the notice that the application shall be submitted for a vote by secret ballot of the Active Members in good standing present and voting at that meeting.  Membership shall be accepted by affirmative votes from not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting by secret ballot. The Board of Directors, Membership Committee or any member in good standing can make recommendations on every application.

A “quorum” of the voting members of the Club is required at any meeting for Club “business” to be conducted including voting on applicants for membership. 

When the applicant is accepted for membership, s/he is so advised in writing. Likewise, if the applicant is declined membership, s/he is advised in writing.

The application process from receipt of completed application to vote can take as little as four months but may take longer depending on timing of the receipt of application and having the required quorum at meetings.

If you are unable to print the application available on this website please email the “contact” person noted on the website requesting an application form.

High In Agility Trial PWDs

Nutmeg Portuguese Water Dog Club has adapted the Agility High in Trial Formula developed by the PWDCA Agility Committee for use at our Agility Trial. 

Beginning with the 2006 Nutmeg Agility Trial, Nutmeg will offer an award for HIT PWD in Standard Classes and an award for HIT Veteran PWD in Standard Preferred Classes (age requirement explained below).  The high in trial winners will be determined based on the formula described below.

The HIT is based on the results of the American Kennel Club Standard Agility Run only.  Only those runs with qualifying scores are eligible and those runs with the higher scores are considered first.

For each class level there are handicap points.  Excellent level dogs get 30 points, Open level dogs get 20 points and Novice level dogs get 10 points. This is to acknowledge the difference in the difficulty in skills required at the higher levels and to “level the playing field”.

Once the standard run results are in, all PWDs in Excellent A & B, Open and Novice A & B in all jump heights (generally 16”, 20” and 24”) who have earned a qualifying score are identified.  (Note, Preferred Level Competitors are considered separately for a different award and are not considered for this award.)  A record is made of that dog’s name and number, their score, the Standard Course time for their course and the dog’s course time.  Standard course times vary from each class level and each jump height. Next, the difference of the dog’s actual course time under standard course time (rounded) is calculated.  For example, if the SCT is 63 seconds and the dog runs the course in 58.3, then the difference is 5.  Next, the dog’s score (100, 95, whatever) is added to the difference in time (in this case 5) plus the appropriate handicap (30 for Excellent, 20 for Open, 10 for Novice).  If this example were an Excellent level dog, the calculation would look like this:

Dog’s score + 5 + 30 = dog’s total points. 

In determining HIT PWD, dog’s with scores of 100 are considered first. If there are no dogs with a perfect score of 100, the next highest score is considered and calculated as are the other qualifying dog’s scores.

Nutmeg PWD Club encourages continued involvement and competition with “mature” PWDs.  Therefore we offer an award for HIT Veteran PWD in Preferred Classes.  Veteran PWDs (9 years old or older or those which will have their 9th birthday before the end of the calendar year of the trial) that are competing at the Preferred Level of any Standard Agility Class will be considered for HIT Veteran PWD in Preferred Classes.  The formula and tabulations to identify the winner are the same as stated above except only “age eligible” PWDs competing in Preferred Standard Classes are eligible for consideration.

The Nutmeg Board of Directors will periodically review this policy for possible revision.


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