Nutmeg Portuguese Water Dog Club

President: Jane Harding

Board Members:

Vice President:
Virginia Cuneo

Patty Hobin
Melinda Harvey
Jane Freeman
Terri Pecora
Stephanie Staszak

Secretary: Hannah Barber

Alexandra Lightfoot Vinopal

Nutmeg Board meetings are currently held the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm via Zoom. Members are welcome to listen in. Members who would like to listen in, bring a topic to the Board's attention, or who have a question for the Board should notify the Secretary 5 days in advance via email. Member listeners should be muted   and may not speak unless called on. Please contact our current Secretary ,  Hannah Barber (

Nutmeg PWD Club is a dues-paying member of the Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners


For membership renewals, checks may be submitted by mail to the Membership Chairman OR
click immediately below to pay online:

Member Renewal (only)


For those not currently members that are interested in membership in Nutmeg Portuguese Water Dog Club, the following is a brief explanation of the application process.

Applicants for membership should complete the 2 page Membership Application Form and send it, together with a check for initial dues, to our Membership Chairperson - as named on the form. The application must include the names of two Nutmeg members in good standing who have agreed to sponsor the applicant. If the form is submitted without the names of two sponsors, the application is not complete and will be returned to the applicant. Prospective applicants should plan to attend one or more Nutmeg functions to meet and get to know Nutmeg members who would agree to be their sponsors.


Excerpt from the Nutmeg By-Laws: The applicant’s name(s) and address together with the sponsors’ names shall be listed in the meeting notice for the first meeting immediately after receipt of the completed application, applicable dues and initiation fee.  The applicant’s name(s) and the sponsors’ recommendations shall be read at that meeting. The applicants’ name(s) shall be included in the notice for the next meeting with the notice that the application shall be submitted for a vote by secret ballot of the Active Members in good standing present and voting at that meeting.  Membership shall be accepted by affirmative votes from not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting by secret ballot. The Board of Directors, Membership Committee or any member in good standing can make recommendations on every application.

A “quorum” of the voting members of the Club is required at any meeting for Club “business” to be conducted including voting on applicants for membership. 

When the applicant is accepted for membership, s/he is so advised in writing. Likewise, if the applicant is declined membership, s/he is advised in writing.

The application process from receipt of completed application to vote can take as little as four months but may take longer depending on timing of the receipt of application and having the required quorum at meetings.

If you are unable to print the application available on this website please email the “contact” person noted on the website requesting an application form.


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