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Changes have been made to the Water Trial Manual and the reasons behind them in the following areas:

  • Trial Life Guard Requirements
  • Courier Net Exercise
  • Handler Leaving The Platform
  • Handler Raising An Article Over Head
  • Minor Revisions to Masters Section

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If you have photos of current Nutmeg PWDC or related events and would like to have them considered for our photo gallery, please email Jane Harding and let her know. All photo submissions must be cleared through Jane.


Membership renewal needs to be done before the end of the year. It’s as easy as going to the Club Information page and renewing right from there. Please take the time to do so now.

Nutmeg’s September Water Trial was amazing!

What made it amazing? The weather was spectacular, the teams were eager and ready to trial, the volunteers stepped up and did whatever was needed, the food was plentiful and delicious, Judge Greg Illchuk was fun and fair with training tips and suggestions, Nutmeg’s wares were displayed beautifully for all to browse and buy, and everyone seemed delighted to be there and celebrate our amazing working dogs. Six teams qualified:

  • Sue Lefebvre and Sketch earned their CWDX
  • Kathan Kennedy and Steel earned their second leg of WWD
  • Kris Cofiell an Bindi earned their WWD
  • Janet Kutner and Fenwick earned their AWD
  • Gale Meadow and FiJi earned their Junior Certificate
  • Kari Lavali and Scully earned their Junior Certificate

Thanks everyone for doing your part to make
Nutmeg’s Water Trial a success!


AKC Nosework Trial
May 9, 2020
Brooklyn, CT

Volunteers needed. No experience necessary.


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