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A quorum was reached at the January 28, 2018 annual meeting allowing for the conduction of official business.

President Terri Pecora asked for recommendations on how to increase membership. It seems all clubs are experiencing lower membership and Nutmeg would like to be proactive in getting new members. If you have any suggestions, please contact her at


After the approval of new members, Nutmeg is pleased to announce the following new members:

Amy James and Eric Rosanes, Centerport, NY
Lisa Medeiros, Hingham, MA
Tim Gardner, Bronxville, NY
Astrid Robitaille, Winsted, CT
Marguerite Rossi, Westport, CT
Sue Robinson, Hampden, MA

The following had the first reading of their application. The second will be in June at the Greenwich meeting.

Alyse Heyman, Roslyn, NY
Nancy Dooley, Litchfield, CT
Susan Webster, Bristol, CT
Denise Ratner, Great Neck, NY
Nancy and Ken Triou, Canton, CT
Anita Berson, Bordentown, NJ
Marion Liberati, Danbury, CT


The slate of officers ran unopposed so the following
will be serving for the 2018 year:

President: Terri Pecora

Board Members:

Vice President: Jane Freeman

Jane Harding
Francine Brown
Mary Knoll
Melinda Harvey
Stephanie Staszak

Secretary: Ylisa Kunze

Treasurer: Cheryl Rutz

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If you have photos of current Nutmeg PWDC or related events and would like to have them considered for our photo gallery, please email Jane Harding and let her know. All photo submissions must be cleared through Jane.


Nutmeg donated a total of $5100 to the following charities in recognition of their good work:

PWD Foundation
Canine Companions - NE Region
Connecticut Human Society - Fox Free Clinic
Fidelco - a guide dog foundation
Rocket Rescue - San Francisco Bay Area rescue
AKC Reunited for Hurricane Relief
Also in memory of Dick Kraus
Monroe Congregational Church UCC
Monroe Lions Club



The following were recognized for achievements earned in 2017

Patti Cox with Finne for her Bronze and Silver Registers of Merit and NAJ
Patti Cox with Rory for her JWD and AWD
Beverly Jorgensen with Oliver for his UKI CH
Beverly Jorgensen and Rachel Narducci with Ana for her TKN and RN
Beverly Jorgensen and Rachel Narducci with Marty for her TKN
Beverly Jorgensen and Rachel Narducci with Darla for her UKC CH
Ann Camp with Rosie for her CD, RN, NA, NAJ and NF
Terri Pecora with Peeka for her BN
Patty Hobin with Pepper for her Bronze and Silver Registers of Merit and her TKN, TKI and TKA
Patty Hobin with Nettie for 9 out of 10 Q’s toward her MAP
Ginny Cuneo, Linda Narducci and Rachel Narducci with Dylan for his CH
Amy Fogel with Emily for her CGC
Amy Fogel with Oliver for his CGC


Our guest speaker was Nancy Triou, a PWD owner, with her flat-coated retriever, Lola, who demonstrated ways to train your dog for fun and, if you want, to try to earn one of the new AKC titles.

Annual Meeting Photos


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Water Work Application & Information


Health Clinic
April 29, 2018

You can contact Jane Harding if you need information now.


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